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After Brain Injury: Telling Your Story
A Journaling Workbook

“This is a beautifully written and thoughtful book that should be embraced
by anyone who deals with the aftermath of brain injury.”
James W. Pennebaker, Professor of Psychology, University of Texas at Austin

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This workbook by Barbara Stahura and Susan B. Schuster, M.A., CCC-SLP guides survivors of brain injury and blast injury through the powerful healing experience of telling their own stories with simple journaling techniques. By writing short journal entries, survivors explore the challenges, losses, changes, emotions, adjustments, stresses, and milestones as they rebuild their  lives. Based on journaling workshops for survivors of traumatic brain injury, it is filled with journaling exercises that guide the user through examining and expressing the many ways that the brain injury has affected and altered their lives. Vignettes by individuals give it a personal touch and also serve as examples of journaling. Users may go through the workbook from front to back or they may select chapters and activities most relevant to their lives and stage of recovery.

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What I Thought I Knew

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“At the heart of  these linked essays is the story of a love that blossoms in midlife, only to be tested immediately by a nearly fatal motorcycle accident, a love that proves to be the most powerful force in healing both the author and her injured husband. This recent history confirms Barbara Stahura’s intuition, built up over years of reading and reflection, that our experience of love is the nearest we come to sensing the energy manifest in the myriad  forms of this flowing universe. Her insights into what she calls the ‘holy mysteries’ are hard won and movingly told.”
—Scott Russell Sanders, author of  A Private History of Awe

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Barbara’s Books

Brain Wreck

Excerpted from Barbara’s memoir, What I Thought I Knew, the ebook Brain Wreck tells the story of her husband’s brain injury and her struggle to advocate for and care for him as she deals with her own secondary traumatic stress.

It is available here in various ebook formats, including Kindle, Nook, and iPad.